API610 OH6 pump

API American Petroleum Institute
We have a wide range of heavy duty centrifugal pumps that are compliant with American Petroleum Institute API-610, 10th and 11th Edition (OH1, OH2, OH5, OH6, BB1, BB2, BB3, BB5, VS1, VS2) and API-685 sealless magnetic drive standards Our customers in the oil refining and petrochemical industries have for years turned to Sundyne pumps for their high-head, low-flow services and other difficult or hazardous applications
GSB-L1 is a gear driven centrifugal ISO 13709, API 610, 10th Edition, OH6 pump.
– Flows to 230 gpm (52 m³/hr)
– Heads to 3,000 ft (915 m)

The GSB-L1 is engineered for heavy-duty services within the HPI, CPI, gas, and specialty processing industries.
Centrifugal API 610 10th Edition OH6 and ISO 13709 Pumps
API-610, OH6 Pumps are centrifugal, overhung, close-coupled, high-speed integrally geared type pumps ideal for critical heavy-duty process applications
Centrifugal High Head, Low Flow Pumps
We wrote the book on High-Head, Low-Flow pumps over 50 years ago and everyone else has been playing catch up ever since. Pump models are available in single and multi-stage configurations with small, compact footprints.

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