Submersible Tubular Pump


submersible tubular pump



Pumping clear water or light contaminated water,
Flood-fighting and drainage for rivers and lakes
Agriculture Irrigation, water supply projects

Performance Range:

Flow capacity:         500—20000 m3/hour
Lift head:                 1.5—15Meters
Power:                    22—800Kw
Size:                       350mm—1400mm

Standard Material:

Casing:                  Grey iron, JIS G5501 FC200, FC250, DIN GG20, GG25
Impeller:                0Cr18Ni9 equivalent to JIS G5121 SCS13
Shaft:                     JIS G4303, SUS403, AISI420
Mechanical seal : Silicon Carbine
Column :               JIS G3101 SS400
O ring   :                Nitrile rubber


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