nature gas generator 10-1000kw

nature gas generator 10-1000kw

Nature Gas Generator feature, specification, price and photos

Nature gas generator feature:

 1) Our engineer will install the nature gas generator on your site

2) Gas consumption: less than 0.28cbm/kWh

3) We supply you spare parts during the whole service life.

4) Nature gas generator powered by famous &good quality engine and alternator, such as Cummins, Deutz.

 5) Nature gas generator with longer life: nature gas engine has a life of over several years if it is properly operated and maintained

 6) Low operation cost of nature gas generator: nature gas has a rich reserve with low cost and a high rate of return

 7) High profit of nature gas generator: low operation&maintenance cost, supply of electricity and thermal power at the same time.

 8) Nature gas generator coupled with brushless alternators of Leroy Somer /Stamford/ Marathon, etc.

 9) Well performed control system, high quality monitor instrument, with sound  and light alarm devices, auto shutdown when main power on, auto start when main power off.

10) Protection function: over-current, under-voltage, auto-regulate voltage, reverse power

11) Monitor function: speed, water temperature, lub-oil temperature, lube-oil pressure, exhaust temperature

12) Supply connection: 3 phase, 4 lines

14) Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

15) Rated power factor: 0.8

16) Exciting way: brushless

17) Starting mode: 24V DC electric starting system

18) Cooling mode: closed-circuit cooling system

Nature gas generator specification:

Nature gas generator  Gas-Engine  Alternator Overall Size                (mm) Net Weight (kg)
Model Rated Power             (kW/kVA) Rated Current (A) Model Model
SPT20GF 20/25 36 HG4B PI444E 1800X710X1350 860
SPT30GF 30/37.5 54 HG4B PI144J 1800X710X1350 900
SPT50GF 50/62.5 90 HG6B UCI224E 2300X820X1400 1250
SPT80GF 80/100 144 HGN14 UCI274C 3150X1000X1500 2550
SPT100GF 100/125 180 HGN14 UCI274D 3150X1000X1500 2600
SPT120GF 120/150 216 HGN14 UCI274F 3150X1000X1500 2650
SPT150GF 150/187.5 270 HGNT14 UCI274G 3150X1000X1500 2900
SPT200GF 200/250 360 HGNT14 UCI274K 3150X1000X1500 2960
SPT250GF 250/312.5 450 HGK19 UCI444D 3470X1230X2300 3640
SPT300GF 300/375 540 HGK19 UCI444FS 3470X1230X2300 3850
SPT400GF 400/500 720 HGK38 HCI544C 4250X1700X2185 5880
SPT500GF 500/625 900 HGK38 HCI544FS 4250X1700X2180 6080
SPT700GF 700/875 1260 SPG12V190ZLDT HCI634H 5120X2040X2250 11800
SPT800GF 800/1000 1440 SPA12V190ZLDT HCI634J 6190*2110*2800 12000
SPT1000GF 1000/1250 1800 SPAD12V192ZLT2 PI734A 6710*2950*3000 32000


Parameter of nature gas generator:
Advertised Voltage: 400/230V, 220/127V,440/254V, 480/277V, etc
Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz   Speed: 1500r.p.m / 1800 r.p.m
Power Factor: 0.8(lagging)
Protection Standard: IP23
Model of Connection: 3 phase 4 lines /1 phase
Insulation Grade: H
Frequency Drop(%): ≤ 0.5
Transient state frequency deviation(%):(advertised power ) +10~-7
Frequency Recovery Time(S): ≤ 3
Voltage Recovery Time(S): ≤4
Waveform Distortion(%): ≤5


Supply Scope

Standard Supply Scope of nature gas generator:

Generator set included: Diesel Engine, Brushless Alternator, Radiator, self-starting control panel, circuit breaker panel, Vibration damping pads, Hi-strength base frame .

Accessories Included: industrial type silencer, flexible bellow, Elbow and Flanges, Starting Battery & battery charger, Battery switch with cables

Documents included: manual book, product qualified card

Optional Supply Scope of nature gas generator:

1.ATS 2. SynchronizationSystem 3. External daily fuel tank 4. Silent Canopy 5. Trailer 6. Auto Fuel Pump 7. Fuel and Water Separator 8. Lub Oil Heater 9. Coolant Heater 10. Fuel Drain Pump