BOP blowout preventer

BOP blowout preventer


S – Shaped Ram BOP


S - Shaped Ram BOP

The design and manufacture of S-shaped Ram BOP is according to API Spec 16A standard.

S-shaped Ram BOP can be equipped with rams of various sizes


Structure Features:
● Body and side door are made of alloy steel;
● Use seal rings assembly to improve sealing of side door;
● Use floating type ram. Front ram rubber is separated from top ram rubber, making it more reliable in sealing and easier to change;
● Use buried oil way inside body. Loading hinge is separated from hydraulic hinge;
● Compact hinge structure makes it easy to assemble and disassemble;
● Use arc-shaped body chamber with four round corners as transition section to reduce stress peak value whenever bearing the pressure;
● Ram cavity can be fitted with ram assembly of same type BOP made abroad;
● Flange grooves are stainless steel lined.


Annular BOP


The design and manufacture of Annular BOP is according to API Spec 16Astandard.


● Packing element is spherical or tapered type with massive storage volume, low operation pressure and excellent sealing function;
● Bonnet is hemispherical-shaped, so there is no stress concentration on bonnet whenever bearing the pressure.
● Bonnet and body are connected by a wedge block, so the pressure is evenly distributed;
● Packing element is interchangeable with similar overseas products;
● Use observation hole to check the life span of the packing element;
● Piston is set in low position to have a shorter moving distance; Use wear ring on piston.



U - Shaped Ram BOP
U-Shaped Ram BOP is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 16A standard and GB/T20174 Drilling and production equipment-Drill-through equipment, and is equipped with rams of various sizes.
With the best quality front ram rubber, top ram rubber and flange sealing stacks, U-shaped ram BOP can work during the extreme working condition including extremely high or low temperature and extreme chemical environment.
● The pressure-bearing components are forged, so it has better strength and impact toughness;
● Floating sealing is applied to the cylinder cover and the open/close of the cover is realized by hydraulic power, so it is quick and convenient for changing rams;
● The auxiliary oil cylinder affords a smaller volume with same function;
● The ram rubber has massive storage volume, and it adopts self-contained sealing;
● The standard configuration includes a manual locking device, which ensures the ram is closed tightly in case there is a hydraulic pressure loss;
● Both the manual and hydraulic locking device and the auxiliary oil cylinder can be installed flexibly into different positions according to customers’ requirements, and the installation positions can be changed easily.



diverter is designed and manufactured according to SY/T 5127-2002Wellhead equipment & Christmas tree, and ASME B16.47a-1998 standard.


● Body and upper housing are connected by a claw chuck;
● Compact structure realizes high bearing capacity.
● Easy to assemble and disassemble and convenient for wellsite operation;
● Use lip seal rings in dynamic seal section to realize self-sealing, reduce abrasion of sealing parts and make sealing more reliable.
● Use high quality packing element and sealing parts. Use tapered type packing element, which is made of NBR. It has massive storage volume and excellent sealing function;

● Use observation hole to check the life span of the packing element;