Axial flow pump,Mix flow pump

Axial flow pump, mix flow pump




Axial flow pump



Extensively used for hydraulic projects, farm irrigation, industrial water transportation, city water supply and drainage and water allocation engineering.

Conditions for use
Suitable for pumping pure water or other liquid whose physical and chemical characters is similar to pure water.

Medium temperature≤50℃
Medium density≤1.05*103kg/m3

PH value of medium: between 5~11


Flow: 800-200000m3/h
Head: 1~30.6m
Power: 18.5~7000kW
Voltage≥355kW, 6kV/10kV
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

Z(H)LB vertical axial-(mixed)-flow pump is a new generation product which our company successfully developed by means of the advanced domestic and foreign technology according to users requirements and working conditions. This series product adopts latest excellent hydraulic models. It has wide high-efficiency range, stable performance good anti-cavitation performance. The impeller is precisely casted with a wax mould, so it has smooth and unimpeded surface. The cast dimension accuracy is in accord with the designed accuracy. The hydraulic friction loss and the shocking loss have been greatly reduced. The impeller balance performance is better. The efficiency is higher than the normal impeller by 3-5%.